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The Creeper Side of Dating Sites

22 May


Ok, I’ll admit it. I am currently checking out a dating site. I’m not a first timer but I’m not an expert either. It seems like no one is willing to approach someone on the street anymore – if you’re not online, you’re just not out there, and that’s ok with me. I’m having a lot of fun with the site, actually. However, there is a certain creep factor that comes with it, such as the ease with which I could become psycho stalker chick to some of the pictures posted by the men out there.

1. Me – a Stalker???

Raise your hand if you’ve ever become a stalker when a relationship starts out. If your hand isn’t raised, you’re a liar! We all do a Google search and troll Facebook pages like it’s our new job. Thanks to the Internet, we can really get to know someone – so what’s left to talk about at dinner? The part that really creeps me out, though, is the power given to me by dating sites to REALLY stalk someone. For a small fee, I can find out if he reads my messages. I can find out when he’s online. I can send him multiple messages and see how many times he’s looked over my profile. I can find out if he continues to browse other women. I also get to find out his hometown. Can you see the potential for the ultimate stalker?


I understand that most sites have safeguards against crazy stalker chicks (or guys). However, if someone really gets going, it could get creepy fast. If you’re somewhat “famous” (such as a writer ahem) then the stalker potential increases. I know I’m putting myself out there and I did that to be found, but it only takes one crazy person to ruin the fun for everyone. I haven’t had ANY crazy stalkers yet, but the rate at which this particular site allows for it is borderline scary.

2. Editing Pictures

Ok, now this is where I go on a REAL rant. I have seen the strangest pictures on this site. This isn’t the site’s fault, by any means – it’s the fault of the person holding the camera. Among the body parts (yes, body parts – no face) that I have witnessed are: an ear, a forehead, a neck, a chin, a chest and a nipple. It was some guy with his shirt up (again, no face in the picture) showing off his nipple. Really dude?


I’ve also seen the famous sideways picture. Personally, I look for intelligence in my men. If you have access to a computer and can’t figure out how to download a free photo editor to turn that photo 90 degrees, I’m probably not going to talk to you. I know I’m being harsh, but I know what I’m looking for, and a sideways photo isn’t going to help your cause.

There was one gentleman who looked nice but had obviously cropped a woman out of the photo. This is baaaad for a dating site. Who is that chick? Your sister? Your ex????? If all you have, dudes, is a picture of you with a girl, take another one. Most of us don’t even mind the bathroom selfie anymore. It tells us that you’re at least trying. Oh, and don’t post a “deer in the headlights” photo. We want to see a nice smile. Women are more attracted to a nice smile than a picture that leaves us wondering if you’ve got two bolts to your screws.

Just.... no

Just…. no

Finally, there’s the picture that isn’t – the picture of your bike, gun, camper or whatever else you love. Sure, take a picture of your passion, but make sure you’re in it somewhere! Make sure that we know which one is you! This category includes the group picture – a picture of you and your buddy might just leave us wanting to date him, not you.

Online dating seems to be the thing to do these days. However, I do remember having to work much harder to find someone, complete pre-dating stalking properly, and finally seal the deal. The plus side to all this is that I don’t need to work as hard anymore. The downside is – neither does he.

What do you think about online dating? Let me hear it!

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