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A Year Without a Cell Phone

22 Mar



I’ve been in and out of jobs for a year, which means I’ve cut back on everything possible. After physically losing three cell phones in three months, I took that as my sign that the cell phone bill should go. I refused to get another cell phone, relying on the house phone for all my future interactions. I just thought I would go back to the way things were when I was younger. After all, we all lived at one time without a cell phone, right?

The first few weeks were fine because I was too wrapped up in my personal life to interact with too many people anyway. I had told everyone close to me I didn’t have a cell phone, so no one tried to text me. I thought, yeah, this will be fine. I’ll have the house phone and I’ll have Facebook and, well, I’ll just have to be out of touch in the car or in stores. Everyone used to live like this, so why shouldn’t I live like this again?

Then people started talking. They weren’t talking behind my back, no, they were asking me questions directly. The most common comment I got was the confused, “I texted your phone number and it wouldn’t go through.” People expected that the number I gave them was a cell phone. My friends were greatly unprepared for my new way of life.

Other comments included, “If you get lost on the way home just use your GPS on your phone”, even after I remind them I don’t have a phone. Other people tell me they’ll text me later, while still others give me their number and tell me to check in with them while I’m at the store. Even after I tell people, “I don’t have a phone with which to call you”, they still use phrases such as, “text”or “call from the store”.

I am a very patient person and I love my friends to death. I always politely nod and let the phrasing go, but I have noted the phrasing used, and I’m consistently interested in how our language has changed. I don’t think people mean to say “text” or “use your GPS” to me. I think these words have become American colloquialisms. In fact, after not having a cell phone for a year, I KNOW they are the newest phrases used without conscious decision.

People aren’t used to me not having a cell phone, even after a year of being cell phone free. One of my closest friends tells me all the time that it’s time to get back on the cell phone train. She asks me all the time if she can text me yet. I laugh with her and promise her I’ll get a new phone when I’m back on my feet, but really, I’m doing okay without it. Barring the few times that I’ve had to get in touch with the kids when I’m not at home, it’s pretty much an unnecessary expense for me.

I think that, if I do get a cell phone in the future, it will be a pay-by-the-minute, non-smartphone model. It will be for emergencies only, or the times when I need to reach the kids for any reason at all. And yes, texting will be allowed.


You. Always.

13 Mar

written by Diana Gill and myself. Thank you Di ~ you rock!

You tore it all down for me
You brought me to my knees
You found light in my dark
And you chiseled me out of my fear.

I only shine for you
I only feel for you
I only see for you
I only need for you.

You gave me a wounded heart
You stored my soul with yours
You wanted me to have everything
But you couldn’t give anything.

I’m lost in your world
I’m not completely here
I haven’t seen the sun for years
It doesn’t reflect the same.

I only shine for you
I only feel for you
I only see for you
I only need for you.

I wandered for miles around
And still was at your feet
I wonder if your smile
Will ever leave my memory.

It’s better to hurt this way
Than to never feel again
Do you ever think of me?
I think of you constantly.

I only shine for you
I only feel for you
I only see for you
I only need for you.

Someday I’ll come back again to you
How can you deny me?
I’ve looked for you in others
But no one has my heart.

But you. Only you. Only you.

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