Interview with Renee Wendt

20 Nov

I had the good fortune to sit down with Renee Wendt, part of the local paranormal team S.P.E.C.T.E.R.S. After working on the iamhorror‘s House on Ghost Hill movie set, I’ve been deeply interested in the supernatural! Renee and I spent some time talking about the supernatural and what it’s like to be part of Binghamton’s best paranormal investigation team! The acronym stands for Study of Paranormal Events Confirmed Through Evidence, Research & Science, and Renee is the leading case manager.

Ghostly figure of a woman in a bustle at Bolsover Castle

1. How would you summarize your role in S.P.E.C.T.E.R.S.? I am the case manager, myself and group founder Alonnie Milligan handles what cases we investigate. There is a lot of behind the scenes work involved. There is interviewing the client and doing baseline readings of the site as well as researching the history and geological make-up of the property. Also there is paperwork… Lots of it! We believe that documentation and record keeping are very important.

2. What got you interested in the paranormal? I have always been interested. I have had several experiences of my own. I have some sensitive empath abilities so I am drawn to it.

3. How did you get into the field? I happened to stop in to a new shop in the area, turned out to be Alonnie’s shop The Water’s Edge Marketplace. In the course of speaking she had mentioned forming a group to discuss paranormal experiences in our area. I attended the first meet up and never left! We have gradually evolved into an investigative group.

4. Do you prefer the term “paranormal investigator” or “ghost hunter?”  Paranormal investigator definitely. Ghost hunter is ok but it is not all we do.

5. Why? The name of our group says it all S.P.E.C.T.E.R.S. • Study of Paranormal Events Confirmed Through Evidence, Research & Science. We choose to approach an investigation with the intent of explaining what is going on if we can. We also offer help with clearing a site if the client needs it.

6. Are you given any information on the location before approaching it? That depends. While knowing the type of things going on is helpful to most of our investigators, we have a couple talented mediums that prefer to go with as little info as possible. This helps to bring validation to anything they pick up that is correct. For most of the rest of us we need to know things in order to make sure we know where the hot spots are and know what we might expect experience wise. Also we like to know the history of the area and geologic make up of the site.

7. Have you ever investigated a house and simply found…nothing? We are still a fledgling investigative team. So far we have been lucky. I do think we will eventually run into the problem eventually!

8. What happens – what do you tell the client? When this happens we will simply tell them we did not get any evidence to share with them. Just because we did not find anything does not mean there is nothing. Ghosts, like kids do not perform on demand!

9. If you could only take one piece of ghost hunting equipment on an investigation, what would it be and why? I would say a digital voice recorder. We use them to try and catch EVP’s. Electronic voice phenomena. Basically it will pick up any voices we are unable to detect with our ears. We ask questions in hopes of a response. We have had several and they always are spine tingling!

10. Where is the most haunted location you have ever investigated? A private residence in Endicott. The client experiences were all over the map and all of our own investigators had their own experiences. We had phantom smells, footsteps, knocking, apparitions, and even a possession of one of the residents!

the brown lady

11. Where is the one place that you haven’t investigated that you would most like to? Locally I would love to get into the Roberson Museum or an abandon hospital. I have had personal experiences at the museum so I would love to get evidence to back that up.

12. Whose ghost would you most like to have a conversation with and why? Marilyn Monroe. I would love to find out how she really died. Also the Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short) for the same reason.

13. Have you ever gotten scared during an investigation or have you ever been concerned about your safety because of paranormal activity? I think everyone gets scared! Sometimes you get startled. I am not really afraid of what is happening. We are lucky in that our gifted members have taught us how to shield ourselves from negative energies. The biggest concern on an investigation is being mindful of your surroundings. Sometimes you are in an environment that is hazardous. Tripping and falling is a real possibility. We always work in teams – never alone.

14. Who do you admire and respect in the field of paranormal studies and why? I love the show Ghost Hunters. I think they have really brought the field into the public eye and have opened a few doors. People are much more accepting and open to what we do now. Locally we are lucky to have contact with Horror Punk Paranormal group and BPIRS. Each of them has been very helpful with exchanging ideas and techniques.

15. What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is interested in ghost hunting, or who feels they may be sensitive to spirits? Look for people who share your interests. It is nice to be able to share your interest and experiences with likeminded people. If they feel they may have the ability to see or feel spirits I would encourage them to keep a journal. Writing things down keeps them fresh. Seek out family or friends who believe you and possibly someone like Alonnie who can help you understand the gift.

16. If you have the opportunity to stick around after you die, would you and who would you haunt? I would prefer to not stick around. However if I do I would love to haunt my son. I would love to still be a part of his life.


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