5 Nov

I thought you might like to hear what has happened in response to my campaign.


1. I called Donna Lupardo’s office in Binghamton, NY. I spoke with a very nice person named Jeff. He said there is to be a meeting in Binghamton over the common core but the time and place hasn’t been announced yet. He wants me to watch out for that.

Other than that, he gave me the email address of Donna Lupardo. He said she is in and out all day but she does respond to emails. She would have spoke with me if she had been in (according to Jeff).

The email I used was: The email was sent today.

2. I called Senator Charles Schumer in his Binghamton office. Lucas answered the phone. He had pre-planned responses to my questions. He said the Senator has no comment on the common core issues. I told Lucas I wanted the Senator to hear my message as a voter: I don’t like it and I want it gone.

The number I used was: 607 772 6792. I found a list of contact numbers for the Senator here:

I did not get an email for Senator Schumer.

3. I emailed Christopher Gibson, who is the Congressman for the 19th District. He is the representative for Binghamton. I used his online form found here:

4. I called Senator Thomas Libous, who represents Binghamton. I used this number: (877) 854-2687. He has other numbers. Here’s his contact information:

Albany Office

429 Capitol

Albany, NY 12247

United States
Phone: (518) 455-2677
See map: Google Maps
District Office

44 Hawley St Rm 1607

Binghamton, NY 13901

United States
Phone: (877) 854-2687
I had to leave a voice mail. I did.
I received a call from Thomas Libous’s office. The girl that called me was Amanda. She was very nice and we had a conversation about the common core. I asked her why I can’t see the tests. She said it was because they were just measures of the students’ abilities. So I asked her why my daughter was in remedial reading due to her test scores. She said she had no idea that the test scores were affecting the students’ classes. She said they shouldn’t be affecting my daughter in that way. She said she’d get more information then get back to me.
I told her that if the parents can’t see the tests, at least let the teachers see them. We discussed how unfair it was that these tests were so secret and I asked her if she would want to take a test she hadn’t seen or one where she had no idea about the material. She said she would not.
It was an intelligent, pleasant conversation.
Sadly, I admit I’ve been slacking on this because we moved. Anyway, I did get a call from Amanda a few days after the call mentioned above. She got the answers she promised me.
She said she talked to some people – but the answers were all political. Though I don’t blame her, she could not tell me why the teachers couldn’t see the tests. She stated that the Department of Education (NY) was reviewing the Common Core process and will be working toward changes to improve the program. She said that they realize some things aren’t working, such as the cirriculum, and they want to change it for the future. She also said that the worst grades to be in right now are third, fourth and fifth because they are feeling the effects the most. I asked her why everyone had to undergo these changes so fast – why don’t they start in kindergarten? She agreed with me but couldn’t answer the question directly.
Amanda was very kind to find these answers for me, but she is just the voice of the office. While her footwork is appreciated, I came away from the conversation not completely satisfied with the results.
I hope to pick up where I left off very soon.
I do apologize for dropping the ball on this. I will be adding links as I receive them and plan to send some emails Monday morning. Yes, it’s Veteran’s Day so the email will wait. I also missed a protest on Friday because my life got in the way. There are others coming up and I will be starting a page for them here. Look for that by Wednesday.

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