The Trailer

10 Oct

He stood in the middle of the room, looking around. He turned around three times before he saw the full scene. He brushed his hand through his dark hair and left it standing stiff. He tried to wipe the sweat from his face but it seemed to reappear instantly. He backed out of the room and dropped the heavy object in his hand. He tripped over the rug and landed on the floor with a splat. His jeans were immediately soaked and he could feel the liquid on his ass. He squirmed to the open door and fell out, backwards. He remembered her fondly before he blacked out completely.

Frank arrived on the scene first. The call came in as a domestic disturbance. It would only be the third one this week at Ted and Sandy’s place. The trailer sat on ten acres of land. How these two fought loudly enough to interrupt their neighbors was beyond Frank.  He figured he would break up the argument, advise Ted to go to his sister’s house for the night, then join Ted later for a beer at the bar.

He needed the beer this week, too. There had been two car wrecks on the new highway that just came through town. Frank hated car wrecks. Someone was always bleeding all over him. He wasn’t a fan of blood and took simple jobs whenever he could to avoid blood of any form. That’s why he was the first to jump on the call to Ted and Sandy’s. This was going to be another easy one, as long as Sandy didn’t file charges again.

As he walked across the 50 feet of yard to the front door, he noticed a mop of hair on the front porch. When did Ted consent to a dog? was Frank’s first thought. He took a few steps forward and realized it wasn’t a dog, it was Ted’s head on the wooden slats.

Frank’s eyes grew wide and his breath quickened. His round belly, stretching well past his belt’s limits, began to shake as worse case scenarios ran through his head. He walked up on the porch slowly, gun drawn, calling out for Ted. When Ted wouldn’t move, he called for Sandy. No one answered. The slats were a slate red and slippery. Frank carefully bent down to search for a pulse on Ted. There was nothing.

He choked back a few sobs after calling Ted a poor bastard. He turned his head to the house then raced to the edge of the porch to vomit from the smell. After he was done, he radioed for a bus to meet him at the trailer. Gun drawn, he continued into the house.

Sandy was in the front room. She was surrounded by a pool of blood which had run to the door. Traces of it were left in footprints all over the house. Sandy was abandoned on the floor; she had no choice but to lie down. Half her skull lay near her feet.

There was an ax by the door where Ted had fallen. It was covered in blood and gray matter. Hair covered the edge of the blade. It was pretty obvious to Frank that a fight had gone too far.

But what had happened to Ted? These two yelled loud enough to see Frank a few times a week, but Ted was moving out soon. What happened? What made him snap? What made him hack through his beloved Sandy?

Frank wobbled and held himself up against the wall. He looked at his hand on the wall and immediately thought of fingerprints. Afterthought would tell Frank that he really didn’t need to worry about it – his prints were all over the house from so many visits. He put his gloves on anyway.

As he reviewed the scene one more time, his head began to spin. The smell and the sight of all the blood made him want to vomit again. He gingerly stepped over Ted and went outside to wait for that bus.


“Ted, is that you?” Sandy called out from the kitchen.

“Yep”, was Ted’s quick reply.

“What are you doing out there?” she demanded.

Great, Ted thought, she’s super Sandy bitch from hell again.

“I’m moving out”, he replied.

“No you’re not”, she responded with an edge to her voice.

“Yes, I am. I’m staying with my sister.”


She had jumped from 0 to 60 again. This is why he was leaving. She was a big reason why the cops were called on them so often. She was quick to yell and even quicker to swing her fists. He was two feet taller than her, which is exactly why he would not fight back. He wasn’t violent but he wasn’t a pushover either. He usually wound up yelling back. She would often swing her fists and hit a wall, bruise, then tell everyone in town he had grabbed her. It was too much for such a gentle man who just wanted a moment’s peace.

“Sandy, I’m moving out. I think we need this.”


She burst into the garage where he had been putting things into his pickup. She grabbed the ax he used for splitting wood and came at him full force. She swung well over her head and would have landed in the middle of his chest if he hadn’t been able to duck. He grabbed her around her arms and forced the ax down. The blade hit the concrete floor with a thud and scrape.

She rammed her butt against his thighs. It hurt but he stood his ground firmly. She wriggled and bit into his arm and he let go. She ran into the house with the ax in her hand, telling him he wasn’t taking anything else out of the house.

He followed her to find she had poised herself in the living room. She looked almost comical at 4’10”, yellow hair wild and flying.

“Sandy, enough” he said, walking toward her with his hands out.


“Sandy, really, the cops are going to end up here again.”


He ran his hands through his hair as she charged at him again, ax swinging over her head. He grabbed the ax handle this time and yanked hard. The ax flew out of Sandy’s hands, nearly hitting Ted in the mouth. She grabbed at it but couldn’t reach it where he held it over his head. He tried to hold it up but she was flailing against him. She started kicking him and punching his stomach. As her tiny fists landed on his balls, he brought both hands down hard to cover himself.

The ax was still in his hand. The blade was lined perfectly with the top of Sandy’s skull. The angle was just enough to shave off bone, skin and brain. The force which Ted used to cover his bruising scrotum was enough to slice cleanly through Sandy’s skull, brain, ear and eye. He heard her eyeball pop. She fell to the floor and never made a sound as the pool of blood around her just grew.


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