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21 Aug

The girl walked up the stairs slowly. She had heard a noise but she was trying to convince herself it was all in her head. This was an old house, after all. She refused to scare herself over the creak of a floorboard. Her foot rose to the level of the top stair but her head reached the step first. Her body fell backward down the stairs as her head rolled across the second story hardwood floor, her foot never finding its home on the final step.

The killer smiled at his work. It was another clean kill, straight across the neck with his katana. There was no satisfying terror, but that could come later. Sacrifices must be made.


And so goes the kill scenes in horror movies. The psychological drama, the screams of terror, the realization that yes, that killer is real and yes, the bumps in the night aren’t just mice or wayward squirrels.

This is where week five of shooting found our jovial cast and crew on the set of the second feature film, The House on Ghost Hill. It was kill scene time! The old farm throbbed with excitement – this was one of the reasons we were all there! No one wanted to give away too many secrets to this reporter, but no one wanted to contain the excitement over what was coming soon. People seemed to have an extra spring in their step – it was undeniable that cast and crew were bubbling over with the thrill of faking a few kill scenes.

A reflection of the crew getting ready for the big day.

A reflection of the crew getting ready for the big day.

That’s why this reporter enjoys being on set as often as possible. The energy drawn from these people oozes positive feelings even more than the fake blood oozing from various kill wounds. The devotion to the film sticks more than a dead body on the floor surrounded by pretend guts and gore. The all-around family mentality overshadows the farm more than the dripping, severed limbs of a mutilated body or the smell of a fresh kill.

Week five found everyone in great spirits and super excited for the first few kill scenes. When a team is this devoted to making a fantastic movie, there isn’t very much to stand in their way! Besides, they would just step over the objects in their way, such as the blood and gore – they put it there, after all!

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