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What’s Going On Downtown??

22 Jun

At this very moment, something big is happening in downtown Binghamton. In a cute loft above the city in the middle of the heat, a fascinating group of artistic and amazing individuals are reading the script for the newest iamhorror ( production! It’s the very first reading! This production has moved from an idea to an actual filming in motion event. I’m so excited I can’t contain it! You should be excited too – this is going to be an amazing movie. Get ready for some truly fun cinema. The movie isn’t coming out for a while, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be psyched about it!

Here's the team taking a break during the script reading of "House on Ghost Hill!"

Here’s the team taking a break during the script reading of “House on Ghost Hill!”


“A Midsummer’s Dream” is Only Nine Dreams Away!

20 Jun

The fairy festival is coming! It’s not that far away – do you have your tickets yet? Remember, they are down at Imagicka, and according to my friends there, you will bypass the entrance gate lines if you pre-purchase. Simply take your tickets and walk straight to the gate. They’ll take care of you if you have tickets in hand!

Trust me, you want to go to this event. Where else can you see the goblins?



I promise they’ll be there again this year – they were causing a ruckus at Imagicka only a few weeks ago! We were there thinking over what we would buy to wear to the festival. The fairies were at Imagicka too – they were positive that my daughter was a magical fairy in disguise. I think they might be right!

Pick a day and head out or check out the camping, where I’ve been told the show goes on into the night. The night entertainment is just as much fun as the day show with drum circles and (family safe) fire shows! Light up the night after a full day of partying with the fairies. Where else can you find such an exciting three day event so very close to home?

This event is a must see. I want you all to come with me because I want everyone to witness the beauty that is the fairies. There’s magic in the woods – come help me find it!

Abby throwing fairy dust!

Abby throwing fairy dust!

Published Books

11 Jun

Hey! I have five published books and I’m featured in two more!

Check them out here:

My work:

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Tales of Heartbreak and Woe

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Wulfstan’s Miscellany

Wulfstan’s Miscellany Volumes Two and Three


Offbeat Families New Post

10 Jun

Hey everyone! Check out my latest:

I’m so excited! It’s a guest blog commenting on a certain parenting style.

I Am Horror Begins Production on their Second Feature Soon!

7 Jun That’s the address that you need to check out the most awesome name in local Binghamton horror! They are a local film company creating their second feature film and they would love our support!


Head over to their website to buy their first film, Demon Messenger. It’s not your regular horror film. Sure, there’s a monster and people are scared, but you will be watching this film through your fingers. A family in the Adirondacks is torn where many real live North East homeowners are torn – over that damn Marcellus Shale. Do they take the money or do they save the beautiful rolling hills the family has enjoyed for generations? The choice is made for them when anti-fracking enthusiasts call out an ancient Indian demon to protect the forest. After the demon is called up, however, everyone gets a little more than what they bargained for.

Seriously, buy this movie. It’s all about Binghamton and what we are dealing with – with just a little twist. Well, a big, bloody twist. Watch the trailer. You’ll get a feel for the movie, and if you’re from Binghamton, you’ll get an emotional charge from it because you are facing exactly what these people are facing. What would you do if the choice were to frack or call up a demon to get rid of the frackers? What are you currently doing about the fracking proposals here in Binghamton? Add a touch of fantasy to your activism.

After you watch this movie, you will hunger for more. Don’t worry; iamhorror is currently working on their next big feature, House on Ghost Hill. If you love ghosts as much as I do, you’ve seen the reality ghost hunting shows. In the next iamhorror masterpiece, a ghost hunting reality team is featured, and just might get exactly what they came for…. but you’ll have to buy the movie when it’s finished to find out for yourself!

Buy the first movie because it strikes an emotional cord with Binghamton residents. Buy the second movie because finally, we just might see a ghost hunting team find a real live ghost! Finally, buy this stuff because it’s a local company. Be Binghamton and be proud!

This Raised A Red Flag For Me – And It Should For You, Too

7 Jun

I stopped into one of the area stores today and heard a rumor – now I don’t usually listen to rumors but this one bothered me, if it’s true. The cashier told me that seniors at the local high school are putting bleach in squirt guns and shooting people on the last day of school.

Really? Bleach?

First of all, I don’t want clothes ruined. Second of all, I don’t want anyone blinded if that crap gets in their eyes.

This frightening rumor certainly raised alarms for me. I hope it’s not true, but if it is – if you have a senior, know a senior or know someone with a kid, PLEASE talk to them. If they insist on doing SOMETHING to make others humiliated in some way, hand them a jar of vinegar. It won’t ruin clothes and it won’t have lasting damaging effects on the victim. It will stink to high heaven, which should give these kids some satisfaction.

I don’t know if the rumor is true, but I know that kids will be kids – and kids don’t always think. Please, let’s be adults and help them think about this decision. Get out the white vinegar. It’s much safer than flippin’ bleach. Let’s keep sending our kids to SAFE environments – which means we need to step up as parents and fight to keep it that way.


Creative Minds Meet in Downtown Binghamton NY

6 Jun

I stopped into Imagicka today in downtown Binghamton – have you been? You need to go. It’s like stepping into a breathtaking fantasy world. Anyway, while I was there, I was shamelessly plugging my business (and I’ll do it again and I mentioned to one of the guys that I couldn’t wait to go to the faery festival this year. He responded that there was a lot left to do to get ready. I asked if he had a hand in it. He responded that he was the creative director for the whole weekend.


I spent the next ten minutes telling him how much we enjoyed all his hard work. I mean, look what he can do:


That’s just a taste of some of the amazing stuff he’s put together. He hires real actors to this event, and he believes that the “show” must involve everyone. He loved hearing my stories about the people in costume interacting with my kids and how my kids became part of the entertainment. We weren’t even in costume – we had on our shorts and tee’s. Every actor pulls the crowd into the show. He really beamed when I told him how happy I was that my son signed the “Faery Proclamation” to rid the town of goblins.

My daughter made me snap a lot of pictures of this beauty:


She is the Faery Queen and she makes appearances at festivals all over the country. If the kids are lucky, they might get a magical faery ring from her. Look closely; there just might be something extra special about the ring from the New York Faery Festival. She is shrouded in mystery and she is always trying to guard the Land of the Faery from the nasty goblins. She is quite special – she’s the only person who rides into the joust on a one-of-a-kind unicorn!

If you’re in New York on the weekend of June 28 to June 30, you really need to head out to the festival. It’s not that far off Exit 79 on Route 17. Everyone should enjoy all the hard work and eye-popping artistic talents of the man I met in Imagicka. You can grab all the details here: and let me know you’re coming! Maybe we can meet up and find some magic together.

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