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Making Frozen-Yogert

21 Mar

I have a guest blogger! Please allow me to introduce my eight year old daughter!

1.First you get the ingredients out which are , yogert , a spoon , mini ice-cream cups , and an ice-cube tray.

yogurt ingredients








2.  Then you put the ice-cream cups in the ice-cube tray.

abby blog 2







3. After that you put the yogert in the ice-cream cups.  

abby blog 3 






4. Put the tray in your freezer.     

abby blog 4   






5. [ The spoon is for scooping the yogert into the ice-cream cups.]


Daryl Dixon – Hot or Not?

11 Mar

My take on Daryl Dixon – well, he’s not Will Smith. Will Smith has been my “boyfriend” since he hung out on my TV in his Fresh Prince days (sorry Jada!) But, since everyone else was flipping out over Daryl, I decided to give him a good hard look.

I love the Walking Dead. But I have never loved Daryl. I didn’t even realize he had a following until someone told me. For some reason, he just never “did it” for me. I couldn’t figure out why until tonight’s episode.

It’s because his ears stick out.

Strange, since I love Will Smith, right? But Daryl’s stick out in a hobbit sort of way. Will’s stick out in a “hey baby lemme (insert adult words here)” kinda way. Daryl looks too much like a hobbit. Maybe if he were allowed to trim his sideburns, it would be different? I doubt it. I’ve seen the actor cleaned up, and still – hobbit.

So I’m sorry my friends. I do not find him attractive. I find him manly and if he cruised up on that bike I’d hop on, but only because DUH! IT’S A BIKE!

daryl-dixonFor those of you who do love him, here is a gratuitous Daryl Dixon at his hottest for ya.

Now someone do me a favor and offer up this guy’s real name!!!!

Taco Bell – Doritos Tacos

10 Mar



I call upon you to help me out. I am really curious about the Taco Bell Doritos taco. Who’s had it? What did you think? I want to try it, but I’ve heard awful things about it. I’m afraid to buy it! I hate throwing away my money like that. Who can talk me into – or out of – this product??? Leave your comment below and let me know what you think I should do!!!

Amazing Tortellini

10 Mar


I am batting a thousand in my house lately! I bought tortellini and sauce, and only my daughter refused to eat. This dish, with steamed broccoli and garlic bread, was absolutely delish! Again, sneak in some wheat germ – they’ll never know!

1 jar garlic flavored or garden flavored pasta sauce

2 bags tortellini (we used meat and cheese)

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Cook the tortellini according to package instructions. Heat the sauce separately. When everything is heated through, mix the sauce and noodles together. Add the oil and vinegar and heat thoroughly. This makes a lot and we had plenty of leftovers only because it was so filling!

I love this recipe because it’s simple enough for a weeknight and it’s a balanced meal. It took twenty minutes to prepare from beginning to end.

What would you add? Would you add meatballs? If you do add meatballs, does it change the taste? Tell me what you think! I love to hear from you!


Super Yummy Stovetop Tuna Casserole

10 Mar


I made the most amazing tuna casserole and everyone loved it! With my picky family, that is a super win! Add wheat germ to this recipe for added “hidden” health benefits!

2 cans tuna

1 bag egg noodles

2 cups frozen vegetables

2 cans cream of potato soup

1 cup milk

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil the egg noodles. While the noodles are cooking, combine the rest of the ingredients in a saucepan or large skillet. Adjust the amount of milk to taste. If you like creamier casserole, add more. Add less for dry casseroles. Cook the vegetable mix until the vegetables are fully dethawed. When the noodles are finished, add them to the rest of the ingredients. Add salt and pepper and you’re done!

This is simple enough for weekday dinners and so very healthy! The cream of potato soup offered yummy potato chunks – and I’m a potato gal!

How would you change this recipe to please your family? Did you try it? Did they like it? Comment below!


Fake Window Decoration

10 Mar

I had the most boring spot over my kitchen sink. It’s a wide spot and it was empty. I grew up with a window over the kitchen sink, and when I buy a house, it will be a requirement! I miss looking out the window as I wash dishes. I decided something must be done to remedy the empty space.

I found a cute country design curtain last time I unpacked. I thought it would look cute in the space, but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into the space. Then I remembered the light reflecting properties of aluminum foil.

The shiny side of the foil really reflects light and gives the illusion of a window. So I cut aluminum foil the same size of the curtain. I had to use two halves since the foil wasn’t wide enough. I taped the foil, shiny side out, to the wall.

I laid the curtain out on the table and thought about how I was going to make the curtain shape itself around the foil. I only had one curtain so my choices were limited. I looked around the house and found an old toy bracelet. I gathered the curtain in the middle and slipped the bracelet over the end.

I spread the curtain out at each end and tacked both ends over the aluminum foil. Finally! I have a window over the sink! The light reflects off the foil and adds more dimension to the room.


I invite you to check out the picture and tell me what you would do differently! I might add wood to the edges of the foil to make a more realistic window feel. Would you add a valance? Would you add a shelf to the bottom for more authenticity? Would you arrange the curtain differently? Please share your ideas!

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