Pole Beans Are Orange!

24 Jul

Yes, yes they are:

There are quite a few of these orange buds covering the pole bean. This beast grew to over six feet, winding itself around the fence. I certainly do recommend pole beans for beginning gardens, because the plant is fast growing and obviously hearty.

The morning glories continue to bloom, and to even produce new flowers. They don’t bloom as often without full sun, but the plant itself is continuing to thrive. When we move, I’ll take the plant with me and place it in better sun to see how it fares.

The vertical garden was a fun success. I highly suggest vertical gardening to anyone with limited space. Next year, I will expand and try new foods, because I have built myself the perfect mommy getaway. When I sit in the garden, I’m far enough away to be hidden but close enough to still hear what’s happening in the house.


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