How to Play Garbage

6 Jul

Garbage is a card game. My eight year old taught me to play, so it’s perfectly suited for the elementary set. Place cards in this array:

Players each have ten individual cards face down in front of them. The cards are in order, with the Ace position in the lower left side, and all the rest of the positions through ten following in numerical order. The remainder of the deck is placed between the players. The first player draws a card from the center pile.

In this case, the card was a Queen and was useless. It is placed in the discard pile. Player One’s turn is over. Player Two’s turn begins. Player Two draws from the face down pile.


Player Two has drawn a three, and it is placed in the three position. When the card that was face down in the three position is removed it is revealed to be a six.

The revealed six is placed in the six position. The face down card in the six position is revealed to be a King, and is placed in the discard pile. It is Player One’s turn again.

Game play continues through this hand until a player has all ten cards in their proper positions. The deck is then gathered, reshuffled and redistributed. However, the player who finished all ten positions first creates only nine positions. As each player wins hands, they reduce the card positions in front of them. Therefore, it is possible for a player to have all ten positions while the opponent has only one. Highest positions disappear first; the winner of the pictured hand will not need a ten card in the next hand.

Discard pile: On their turn, a player may draw only the top card from the discard pile.


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  1. Homepage July 8, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    Good job on this article! I really like how you presented your facts and how you made it interesting and easy to understand. Thank you. 80497

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