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George – Rebecca’s Throwbacks Take Four

30 Jul

If I were to review this piece, I would comment on its confusing storyline:


The Angel – Rebecca’s Throwbacks Take Three

30 Jul

This story from Yahoo Voices proves that we all improve our writing with time. I will rework this to improve it, but I want you all to see it in its original form:


Touring the Finger Lakes – Rebecca’s Throwbacks Take Two!

30 Jul

Here’s another Yahoo Voices article:

Rebecca’s Throwbacks!

30 Jul

Someone mentioned Yahoo Voices to me today (thanks Matt B!), and I realized that I’ve already written for them through Associated Content! I dug up this gem on that site:


Pretty neat, right?

Scrambled Eggs with Vegetable Puree

29 Jul

I found a way that all four of us will eat eggs!!! Finding a meal that all four of us will eat is a miracle in this house. No one has the exact same taste as anyone else here. So, of course, the first thing I’m going to do is share!

It all began when my husband insisted I use up all the vegetables in the fridge. He bought eggs, hoping I would make omelets. He should have bought me some omelet making skills instead.

I started with a simple vegetable puree. I cut up all the celery, broccoli and sweet onion in the fridge. The approximate measurements were:

4 c. broccoli

5 c. celery

1 c. onion

The secret is to use the sweetest onion possible. I used sweet Vidalia onions.

I dumped all this into the blender and added approximately a cup and a half of milk. I blended it all to a fine puree.

My first thought was, “Yes! The kids will eat vegetables now!” Next, I cracked the eggs and beat them with milk, salt and pepper.

10 eggs

2 c. milk

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

I added approximately a cup and a half of puree. I mixed it up and attempted omelets, but there was just too much moisture in the mixture.

This is my sad attempt at the omelet. I chopped it up and served it as scrambled eggs. It was super yummy with a side of toast.

I now have plenty of puree left over, which will find its way into some future recipes. Vegetables are served!

Thank You Cards and Funeral Memorials

29 Jul

If your family is like mine, we get A LOT of wedding invitations and funeral demands. We always come home with cards of thanks and remembrance. All those cards go in a drawer, to eventually be crumpled, spilled on, torn or otherwise destroyed. Their final fate is the trash.

As a sentimental fool, I refuse to see these items find the trash. I searched for a solution, and after many failed shelf attempts, I came up with a simpler answer.

I started with an old picture frame that has been haunting our shed for a few years:

It has a one inch lip and the image is recessed:

I left the image in the frame because it was stapled into the frame, and it gave me a nice cardboard back to attach the fabric. I chose a blue felt fabric for this project.

I would have ironed it, but the iron died a horrible death when it dove off the top shelf of the laundry room. I laid it flat and placed the frame on top, owl side down. I cut the fabric, leaving two inches around the frame. These two inches were essential to folding and attaching the fabric to the frame.

I got out the old Swingline stapler that my dad gave me in 1995. I stapled the edges of the fabric to the back of the frame.

Of course, the corners were the toughest. I had to fold and refold until they looked smooth around the edges.

After the fabric was finished, I attached a simple wall hanging:

It’s crooked, but no one is going to see that. The secret to all crafts is to hide the flaws behind the perfection! Finally, I super glued the cards, small candles, and decorations to the front:

That’s it! Of course, I’ll add to it as I find the rest of the wedding/funeral mementos. I view this as a wonderful reminder of those we love and have loved. Enjoy the craft and please, post pictures of your own memento wall! Share your unique ideas with us!

28 Jul

Holy cow. Check out this site. You need to see it – they have a cocktail section!!!!!!

Three Clever Sisters

Cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen is always a bit of an adventure.  You never know what you’re going to find, what “obvious essentials” will be glaringly absent, what will need to be improvised, and whether you’ll rise to the occasion.

Vacation Blueberry Pie (10 of 12)

Last week, our family all rented a house together in Cape Cod.  And I should say extended family–not just us three sisters and our parents but various generations of in-laws and of course my two sons to lap up all the attention.  While we made sure to eat plenty of fried seafood, ice cream, and pizza, we also made use of the kitchen, which came fully stocked with all sorts of pantry items of varying age (how old exactly were the three 16 ounce jars of ground nutmeg?) and provenance.  And because the rule of the house was that anything you use up has to be replaced by the end…

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