A Letter to Santa

24 Jun

Dear Santa,

Let me tell you the whole story… It all started yesterday. My sister, who is younger than me by only one whole year, started the trouble. You see, she doesn’t like cool Nickelodeon shows like Pokemon. I don’t understand why. Pokemon is only the best show that ever was, and ever will be. You’d think she’d like the cute creatures!

But she doesn’t. I don’t know why so don’t ask me. So anyway, I was just watching Pokemon quietly when she came into the room and shouted loudly, “I WAS WATCHING DISNEY!” Sure, the TV was on Disney when I walked into the room, but there was some girl thing on there! No one wants to see that, right? Right! So I did her a favor!

Then, as she dove for the remote, I held it above my head to try to keep her away from it while stretching out my feet at the same time. My legs were tired, honest! She wasn’t watching what she was doing when she tripped and fell over my feet! That’s really not my fault.

As she fell, she grabbed onto the nice runner my mom had laid out on the table for Christmas. It was real pretty and it had all Mom’s nice nativity characters on it. Well, it crashed to the floor. And the characters broke. I have no idea how they broke, they just did. It wasn’t my fault though; it wasn’t my hand that pulled the runner from the table.

Mom ran into the room and knelt by the mess. She was muttering about how we should be old enough for her to finally have nice things in the house and her cheeks were all red, like when she’s real mad. I thought my sister was in super trouble until Mom sent ME and my sister to our rooms!! I tried to defend myself, but Mom’s forehead started to get red too, so I just went upstairs.

Later that night, I was playing a card game all by myself. I didn’t mind playing by myself because there were a lot of nice pictures on the cards, and I really just wanted to look at the pictures anyway. My sister, who is always sticky from food or paint or something because she won’t wash her hands, came over and wanted to touch my cards with me. I told her to go wash her hands first. She said no and grabbed for my cards. I couldn’t believe it Santa! Her sticky hands, on my cards! I grabbed her arm in the brush burn hold my buddy had taught me for times just as these, and I twisted. Of course, she cried, and guess what! I was in trouble again! I had to go to bed before watching any holiday television specials!

Well, this morning, I am writing you this letter before I leave my room. I want you to understand, Santa, none of this was my fault! I am going to leave this room, and I will have to spend all day with her because today is Saturday. Just be sure, Santa, to watch her – she is very sneaky and she is always doing things to make sure I get coal this year!

Well I tricked her, because now you know it’s all her fault!

Yours in Goodness,



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