Our First Boxed Craft

23 Jun

My daughter and I tried our first boxed craft this week. We bought a kit from the craft store which had all the pieces included; we only had to put it together. Here is our craft:

The flowers have little lights in the center, and the kit comes with glitter. Very cool!

We took everything out of the box, which included two push lights with sticky strips attached, large petals, small petals, a sticky strip for the small petal center, and glitter glue.

The instructions are below:

The child is supposed to press large fabric petals to the sticky strip placed on the edge of the push light. After, the child adds small fabric petals to the additional sticky strip which is then added to the center, and glitter glue decorates the final product.

The only problem I saw with the instructions was the following step:

It isn’t clear from this image, but this is the center light with the large pieces of fabric attached. After this step, a child is supposed to complete this next step:

To clarify, the child is supposed to add the large pieces of fabric to the round push light, bend the large pieces of fabric around the edges of the light, then add the small pieces of fabric over and inside the large pieces, which have been pressed onto a sticky strip which fits over the push light.

I knew this would be a problem. If she bent the large fabric pieces, they would fall off the light. I solved the problem by taping the flowers to the light with Scotch tape, then gently bending the fabric backwards. We pushed the small flower strip onto the light, and the problem was solved.

It ended up looking like this:



The final verdict is: SUCCESS! As long as an adult helps, the craft is worth the money. It just needs a little extra tape!


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