Planting Oregano

3 Jun

Honestly, I started the oregano – specifically Mexican oregano – from an existing plant. I will try herbs from seeds another time.

My friend brought me his plants from his garden, but oregano can be found in any home gardening stores. The plant has a green, fuzzy stem with soft leaves. I started the plant in February and pulled the bottom-most leaves off the stem. It’s simple to see where the stem lies on Mexican oregano because the leaves grow off the top.

I placed the cleaned oregano in a glass of water, stem down. I used small, clear glasses because I had to see the stem. After a few weeks, the plant  began to shoot white roots from the bottom.

After the roots began to form, I used store-bought soil to fill a wooden bin. I buried the roots and watered the plant every other day. I kept the plant in a semi-sunny window until May, when the final frost broke. I moved the plant outside, where it continues to thrive.

Oregano in water, waiting to root

There are no secrets to keeping the plant alive. I harvested it as it grew by simply pulling off the leaves that grew toward the bottom of the plant. When I buried the roots, I made sure they were completely under the dirt. I started with four plants, and I spaced them approximately two inches apart.

Drying the oregano was also simple. I placed the leaves in a brown paper bag and hung the bag near the ceiling. After a few weeks, the oregano dried completely and was ready to be crushed. I checked the drying plants weekly for mold. I had very little mold issues. When the leaves were dry, I chopped them into crumbs and stored them in a shaker.

In my opinion, Mexican oregano is a great “starter” herb. If you need to practice with a hearty plant or build your gardening confidence, start here. The plant is aromatic, strong, easy to transplant and next to no work to harvest then dry.


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